22May 2014

Open link in iframe popup window on click

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Code to open a link in popup window using iframe on mouse click:
+ACY-lt+ADs-iframe src+AD0AIg- name+AD0AIg-iframe+AF8-a+ACIAJg-gt+ADs
+ACY-lt+ADs-p+ACY-gt+ADs-Your browser does not support iframes.+ACY-lt+ADs-/p+ACY-gt+ADs

16Apr 2014

Function ereg() & eregi() is deprecated’ in PHP 5.3.0

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print +ACQ-input ereg+AF8-replace(+ACIAWwBe-0-9.+AF0AIg, +ACIAIg, +ACQ-input)+ADs
print +ACQ-input eregi+AF8-replace(+ACIAWwBe-0-9.+AF0AIg, +ACIAIg, +ACQ-input)+ADs
print +ACQ-input preg+AF8-replace(+ACIAWwBe-0-9.+AF0AIg, +ACIAIg, +ACQ-input)+ADs
Lets take a look at the list of funct