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5Jul 2014

Change Android SDK root Folder

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While developing a game in Unity 3D , I have mistakenly set the wrong path for android sdk.

So to correct that path follow these steps:

22May 2014

Open link in iframe popup window on click

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Code to open a link in popup window using iframe on mouse click:
+ACY-lt+ADs-iframe src+AD0AIg- name+AD0AIg-iframe+AF8-a+ACIAJg-gt+ADs
+ACY-lt+ADs-p+ACY-gt+ADs-Your browser does not support iframes.+ACY-lt+ADs-/p+ACY-gt+ADs

21May 2014

Over ride default search form widget of WordPress

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I want to remove the default text from search form widget which comes with the WordPress. The code for??default search form widget is in the wp-include/default-widgets.php. We can’t modify the core fi

20May 2014

Rubik’s Cube 20 steps solution

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Looking ??for the best solution??to solve Rubik’s Cube? Its just a toy puzzle??but no matter how mixed up, it can be solved in 20 steps or less.

Here are 20 steps that explains how to solve the

9May 2014

Overwrite js file from parent theme into Child theme

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I want to make some changes in the js file which was in parent theme so i moved that js file into the child theme as its a required step so that my file is not over written when I upgrade the parent t

18Apr 2014

Where is Input Manager in Unity 3D?

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Unity accepts Input from keyboard, joystick and gamepad.
To find the Input Manager?? go to Edit-+ACY-gt+ADs-Project Settings-+ACY-gt+ADs-Input in the menu

Using Input Axes from Scripts
You can query the curren

16Apr 2014

Function ereg() & eregi() is deprecated’ in PHP 5.3.0

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print +ACQ-input ereg+AF8-replace(+ACIAWwBe-0-9.+AF0AIg, +ACIAIg, +ACQ-input)+ADs
print +ACQ-input eregi+AF8-replace(+ACIAWwBe-0-9.+AF0AIg, +ACIAIg, +ACQ-input)+ADs
print +ACQ-input preg+AF8-replace(+ACIAWwBe-0-9.+AF0AIg, +ACIAIg, +ACQ-input)+ADs
Lets take a look at the list of funct

22Aug 2012

WordPress Admin panel stop working after upgrading to higher version.

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I was having a site build in WordPress. I tried to upgrade it from 2.8 to 3.3.2, after upgrading it all the JavaScript in WordPress admin panel stopped working but front-end was working fine.

8Aug 2012


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